Reincarnation of pets

Losing a friend, it happens!

How do we compare with the fine characteristics of our beloved dogs?

Here are a few nice thoughts:

A dog choose you because he loves you,
He loves you notwithstanding your weaknesses and falseness,
He is sincere and bears no grudge,
He has deep emotions, and will sense it easily when you grieve,
What he feels he shows, and what he shows is sincere and he shows that he is glad to see you, and is aware of your smile.

But what if he dies?

“There is such a thing as an animal spirit returning to a different body.

These souls will return for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they return to a former human care giver.

Keep in mind that when a animal chooses to return to a body it is the soul essence or spirit of the animal returning but not necessarily their previous emotional or physical image.
They will almost always show a personality trait”
Annette Betcher

The phenomenon of animal reincarnation: Alexis Brooks

“Animal reincarnation is a subject that has been discussed within the larger subject of past lives and has increased in interest.

Due, in part to the burgeoning trend of animal companionship as a central part of the modern social framework.

Although we don't fully understand how reincarnation works, the re~entrance of the soul into physical form seems to be a consistent part of the framework of reality.

Why would animals be precluded from this process?”

Renowned animal afterlife and reincarnation expert Brent Atwater says: “after the death of a pet and during your pet loss grief, hold faith in your heart that your pet's life force energy and love is never ending.

Even if you are skeptic, what have you got to lose by considering the possibility?

If it is what you contracted to do it might just be only a matter of time until your beloved animal companion returns to be with you.”

If you have lost your pet, companion animal, soul dog and forever baby child, don't lose hope.

Listen to your heart, watch your dreams, and follow your soul's knowing.

Each dog's soul is a spirit composed of eternal energy that lives forever in all that is!!

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