Animal dreams

Dreams can be regarded as “windows on the subconscious mind”, and through them we can view our innermost feelings and creative thoughts in a way that allows us to confront and hopefully, resolve problems in our waking lives. Philip Clucas

As in a previous blog I made mention about dreams about dogs and their meaning, today let's look at other animals and there meaning.

“A Bird: In dreams they become symbols of personal freedom. A vision of flock of birds is a sign of prosperity.

A Butterfly: The butterfly is invariably perceived as a positive symbol to the dreamer and represents the magical powers of transformation and renewal. Spirituality, a butterfly dream signifies the psyche's desire to move forward to greater spiritual awareness.

An Eagle: In a dream represents the qualities of strength and self enlightenment. 

A Fish: In many cultures fish are regarded as symbols of fecundity, and their lives spent in the depths make them dream omens of creativity and inspiration. 

A Horse: The presence of this magnificent animal in a dream serves to remind sleepers of the latent powers of their own bodies. Horse dreams are essentially about energy, and how we chose to channel it in the pursuit of our ambitions.

A Spider: They represents the qualities of patience and tenacity.

A Rabbit: In dreams a rabbit is usually a harbinger of good luck.”

“The Dreamcather an A~Z guide to your dreams and what they mean” Philip Clucas

Sweet dreams ............

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