Euthanasia: Saying goodbye

“Saying goodbye to a special pet can be the hardest thing of all,

It is losing a friend who was always their for you,

A companion in time of loneliness,
A comfort in moments of sadness,
An everyday joy that touched your life.

Saying goodbye to a special pet can be the hardest thing of all;

Until I remember I'd never trade one precious memory or one single moment spent with the pet who brought so much warmth to my life and left so much happiness in my heart”

Author unknown

We always fear losing these pets that mean so much to us. Nevertheless, that time inevitably comes. So how do we pet owners face our pet's mortality.

How do we face euthanasia?

The theme to keep in mind when you contemplate how you will act at your pet's final moment is to remember that euthanasia is a completely personal experience. You have to decide what is best for you and your pet.

“How do you know when it is time to euthanasia a pet:

To say goodbye, it is here important that if a veterinarian is of the opinion that euthanasia is often a blessing and a gift to a suffering animal.

It is never easy, but if a pet have a life threating disease, the pet owner and the veterinarian must promise each other that they would not let the pet suffer. When the time come and you must decide a though thing and put the pet to sleep rather than allow him to suffer you must know that every pet illness and situation is different”

Dr Andy Roark

While some pets die of old age in the comfort of their own home, many other become seriously ill.

“The American Humane Association, have some signs that may indicate your pet is suffering or no longer enjoying a good quality of life:

The signs are:

1 He is experiencing chronic pain,
2 He has frequent vomiting or diarrhea that cases dehydration and/or weight loss,
3 He has lost appetite and has stopped eating or will only eat if you force him to eat,
4 He is incontinent,
5 He lost interest in all or most of his favorite activities,
6 He cannot stand and he has chronic labored breathing or coughing”

There is no single rule that can be followed for when it is time to help your best friend cross the rainbow bridge.

For all of you standing in front of this decision, may you find guidance and comfort!!

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