The Paint Box

Each colour glowing with delight;
I had a paint box with colours
Warm and cool and bright

I had no reds for wounds and blood
I had no white for the face of dead
I had no yellow for burning sands

I had orange for joy and life
I had green for buds and blooms
I had blue for clear bright skies
I had pink for dreams and rest

I sat down
And painted


To create this picture of peace in the life of a pet, we as pet owners must insure that we have happy pets!!

What is the 6 signs of a happy pet, in an article that was published by the Smart Living Network, written by Bri Luginbille the following is the most important signs.

Though they can't actually tell us how the feel, there are several non~verbal ways a happy dog express his/her contentment:

1 Their eyes:

Their eyes actually change the shape and size with their emotions.

A happy dog will relax them and leave their eyes they way they are.

They will appear normal in size and shape, it shows they are at ease with you and the environment around them.


2 Their mouth:  

A relax, open, “smiling” mouth communicates that the dog is pleased.


3 Their ears:

When a dog is feeling friendly, he will put his ears back.

4  Their tails:

The tail of a dog can tell us so many things.

If your dog is feeling relaxed they will hold their tail in it's normal position.

A happy dog will way their tail from side to side. She is saying “I love you and I want to tell you how happy I feel.”

A REALLY happy dog will express her feelings by wagging her tail. Her tail may even travel in a circular motion.

5 Their hair:
The amount of hair that a dog shed may allude to how they are feeling.

A happy dog will shed as much as they normally do.


6 Their body posture:      

When a dog stands normally, this means the dog is at ease.

A playful dog will look similar except be bouncing and jumping around to show their excitement!!”

In the end to know our friends are happy, can give as peace.

Make sure you keep your four legged friend happy!!

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”
Author unknown


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